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ISO Risk mappingAdvanced Windows based software for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management. HAMS-GPS, constitute one of the most comprehensive Windows based software package that conforms to the relevant  International standards to study EHS management and advanced Quantitative Risk Analysis / Assessment - QRA Study.

HAMS-GPS Software Package is a professionally built Windows based Software. HAMS-GPS enables from advanced Training to Research oriented HSE-Management Studies including Quantitative Risk Assessment - QRA (including FAR, FN-Curve and ISO-Risk), Accident / incident management and Analysis, Toxic Gas, Atmospheric Dispersion modeling - Plume, Puff, Spill Pool evaporation, HAZOP Study software , Emergency Management Planning and Control, PROBIT computations, Percent and Absolute Fatality, Injury computations, Fire (Pool Fires, Jet Fires, Flash fire, Fireball) and Explosion (Vapour Cloud, BLEVE, Confined, Unconfined, Mechanical) Modeling, Explosion Prevention (Inerting, Safety Audits Static, Charge development), stack dispersion, Oil/Gas well blow out scenarios, SWOT analysis, ASCLAP-Distribution, Safety manual review, QRA-review, Hydraulics,  Industrial Work Hygiene index (Database), DOW-Fire & Explosion computations, Developing and Establishing an Integrated System on EMS & OHSMS under International Standards, on Personal Health and Fitness and more.

Comprises of Expert Modules: Toxic Gas, Air Dispersion modeling, Fire modeling, Explosion modeling, Stack dispersion, DOW-Index, Safety-Audit, ASCLAP, SMOD based on computational fluid dynamics CFD, Risk Assessment, EMP Evaluation, Accident Analysis (Database), Dispersion, PRTOBITs, Fire Analysis (Database), Limits curve, Absolute Fatality/Injury (Dispersions, Explosions and Fire-Balls), OHSMS- Evaluation against OHSAS-18001 (Database), House Keeping Evaluation, Unitcon (Unit conversion) and More..


A comprehensive  Module for Risk Assessment Studies With Mapping of Hazard zones on your layout plan/Google maps.... More...   


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Main Module


part 1.Main Module

gas Dispersion Module


part 2. Dispersion Module

Dispersion module Mapping


part 2b. Dispersion Module Mapping

Explosion Module


part 3. Explosion Module

Pool Fire Module


part 4. Fire Module

FN-Curve, ISO Risk, ALARP and RBI Matrix Module


part 5. FN-Curve, ISO Risk, ALARP and RBI Matrix Module

ISO Risk Mappnig


part 5b.  ISO Risk  Mapping

Hazard and Operability  ( HAZOP ) study software


Hazard and Operability ( HAZOP ) study 

Atmospheric dispersion module


Stack Dispersion Module (EIA) 

Gas dispersion modeling

Advanced HAMS-GPS  QRA modeling software View HELP file ...

View sample report (updated on: 05/09/2013)

We can send result output as per your scenarios, you need to send us complete data required for simulations and we shall simulate as per your scenarios on our advance QRA Software.

FEE Minimum 120.00 US$ / per simulation for each result output without interpretations on our advance QRA / Stack dispersion Software. 


You can also access our software for limited time period for just 5% on modules/package selected on current licensing fee for 30 days.

1. Gas Dispersion of toxic release  

2. Fire Moduling (Pool Fire)  

3. Explosion Modeling   

4. QRA sample Report  (FN-Curvve, ALARP,  RBI Matrix and  ISO-Risk mapping on google maps)

5. HAZOP sample report

6. Stack Dispersion Module (EIA) sample report

7. Industrial Work Hygiene index

HAZOP study Software (MS Access )  View help file ...


HAMS-GPS EHS software has been used in some of the overseas consultancy projects and following is a brief list of the same


Work done by  HAMSAGARS  in  various  industries  in  safety  and related areas Using HAMS-GPS EHS Software


Audio-Visual training module on CD/DVD  or Online using Skype Screen sharing application.  



HAMS-GPS Software will run on minimum: - 2.93 GHz speed and above, OS- Windows-XP and later,  Windows NT, 1.49 GB RAM, Service Pack 3 and later service packs, 250 MB free hard disc space, MS Access 2000 and later installed, display setting - 1024 x 768 resolution, true colour with graphic adaptor card and requisite graphic software. Runs on both 32bit and 64bit computer.


DOWNLOADS  Download DEMO  (2.3 MB)

Dispersion (DEMO-Std. module) An administrator right is required to install and run our software modules.

Please request for  full HAMS-GPS Demo Package (Note: is not a trial version) with full Help files and installation procedure. We shall send a link to download from the web (File name : hams_gps_DEMO.exe  , Size : 59 MB).  or   we can also give a short live demo of our software using Skype Screen sharing application.

Explosion (DEMO-Std. module)
Fire (DEMO-Std. module)
Unit conversion (Working) 
Pool Area Calculator (Working)


HAMSAGARS provide scientific preventive maintenance scheduling through FMECA for critical equipment using advance software. Prevention of breakdown of critical equipments is important for avoiding production losses


“Manual of EHS-Management” an advanced book on Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Studies and training in a wide range of large, medium and small scale industries involving Petroleum, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Heavy chemical, Pesticide, Oil exploration, Onshore and offshore Petroleum production, Petroleum refining, Hotels, Printing presses, Electronic industries, mechanical and so on, published by M/s. Galgotia Publications Pvt. Ltd. more...


We also undertake advanced customized PC-Software development and Database Software Projects for individual organizations.



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Manual of EHS Management
Manual of EHS Management

DEMO on QRA A/V training module

DEMO on QRA A/V training module - 6MB

DEMO on HAZOP training module

DEMO on HAZOP A/V training module - 7MB

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